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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm still here

Sorry I have not been posting, I'm doing lots of different projects so nothing to show in the sewing sense, Things have been really sad here, three weeks ago some one shot my Balinese (cat) like a rag doll to look at then Friday night hubby burnt his forearm from his elbow to his wrist so that was not good either back & forward to hospital for dressing changes, then Saturday night my other Balinese was shot.
Tomorrow its away to Launceston Plastic surgeon for reassessment of hubby's arm.
This sounds like poor poor me, forget it I feel like poor me I have to do the dish's now :-)


Jo in TAS said...

Oh Isabella,
Can't believe both of your kittys have gone, it's so sad. Hope karma bites the heartless idiot who did this in the butt. Did you report both incidents to the police? They need to know.
Hope hubby's arm heals quickly!
Hugs to you both

Amanda said...

Isabella, how terrible for you, it's so hard to imagine the mentality of anyone who would do such a terrible thing to two helpless cats. And your poor husband too, here's hoping for some better news for you soon.

Julie said...

Oh no! Someone shot both your cats? What a horrible person.
And so sad about your husband's arm. I hope it heals quickly.

clare said...

That is so sad . Best wishes for your DH arm ,.
clares craftroom

soggybottomflats said...

My heart goes out to you Isabella, I pray things get better for you and your husband. I am so sorry to hear of your cats demise...hopefully, karma will overtake the idiot who did this. Hugs, Elaine

Lilly said...

What a rotten thing for someone to do! I am so sorry! Hope things look up for you, and that your husbands arm heals quickly.

Catherine said...

Oh Isabel, you are definitely allowed to feel dreadful....what a horrid thing to have happen!! Hope hubbies arm is ok!! Hang in then, and try and keep smiling!! Cathyxx

Jan said...

I'm so sad for you that someone deliberately did that to your cats. So cruel! I hope your husband's burn heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

A painful time over at your place.
Take two hugs from me, a big one for you and a big one for your professional dish washer.

Lulu said...

Sh*t Isabella, what a ghastly thing for someone to do. I agree with Jo, the police should be told. I'm so sorry.