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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

would you believe from this at the Sheraton to this

I was  one of millions of people stranded at Melbourne Airport on Sunday night, what annoyed me most was not the fact that over the air came the announcement Jet star management have now decided we will not be flying! anybody with a brain at all would understand and accept this as a small price to pay considering the poor folks in Chili and the affect on them, it was the fact that Jet star personnel had magically  vanished when we went back to "check in" for help as to where to try for a room or what to do next ALL the other airlines had staff helping passengers to find accommodation etc., being a long weekend all the hotels we knew in Melbourne were fully booked already then with all the people who were stranded on top of that !!! We eventually were helped by a lady who was at the airport shuttle counter so we ended up in a hotel at St Kilda (NEVER AGAIN ) we went from this  to this which folded up when one of us (not me) sat on it. this by the way cost us $245.00 per night talk about taking advantage of  a disaster situation

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry Girls

Sorry to all the girls I normally send comments to blogger wont let me comment on SOME blogs so if I'm not commenting on yours but you see that I am on others please dont take it personally it's blogger not playing fare,
I was going to post the three owls I made yesterday and today however if you just go to Rosie's blog .
Happy Rosie you will see hers and they are exactly the same including fabrics.