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I am a Christian,married to my very best friend, Mother of three,Grandmother and great grandmother, who is owned by Bobby my Silky Terrier.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lovely day out

Who did I have lunch with today ?? your friend and mine Rosie , we went to Anvers chocolate factory and had the most lovely lunch (NOT CHOCOLATE) Qiqa had to have a play in the delivery train with Rosie :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

lovely surprise in my mail box

I got a great big surprise in my mailbox yesterday morning it was soo exciting, I could feel something soft inside however as everybody who lives in the country knows you have to drive to your mailbox so most times you pick up your mail on your way back home at night , with it being winter here that means it's dark so me being me could not wait till I drove back to the house (no street lights out here) so I just HAD to put on the car light and rip into it and it turned out to be a gift from my friend Jo of Lilly Pilly formally Jo in tas and I just love it to bits Thanks heaps Jo I just love it,  OK so this post is back to front what do I do to get the pic at the bottom ????