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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry Girls

Sorry to all the girls I normally send comments to blogger wont let me comment on SOME blogs so if I'm not commenting on yours but you see that I am on others please dont take it personally it's blogger not playing fare,
I was going to post the three owls I made yesterday and today however if you just go to Rosie's blog .
Happy Rosie you will see hers and they are exactly the same including fabrics.


Vickie said...

Hey girl..haopy you had an awesome day today...hip hip hooray for birthdays eh? Oh when blogger has an issue it sure goes all the way..
Lyn was having problems too..maybe this post of her may help you.
cheers Vickie

Allie said...

Everybody has been having issues- sign out of blogger, then sign back in, and leave the "remember me" box unchecked. That should do it.

Pauline said...

hey mate, owls are very cute...hey is it your birthday? did I miss something? how did you go in melbourne? yeah yeah I know...I a cop? lol