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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shopping Help Please

I'm going with my dd to a conference at Hillsong in Sydney, we have afternoons free my dd is meeting up with blogger friends since I don't want to be the old mother tagging along, it's an excuse for me to let my hair down and go shopping quilting wise don't you think??
So does anybody out there know of any quilting shops in the CBD which is where the hotel we will be staying at is situated??


Maree said...

Not that I am aware of the closest to the CBD on the North shore line would be Chatswoood & Killara or out to Alexandria to Quiltsmith...sorry maybe some sydneyites will know more...material Obsession are at Gladesville that's a Bus trip...good luck hope you find something...maybe just a browse through Myers will have to do...

Julie said...

Well, I don't. I could help you out if you were coming to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. LOL