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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sorry I'm A W l

Sorry I'm absent without leave , I am staying with a friend looking after her daughter while she works and studies for her finals which are starting in March and finishing in May , since my laptop does nt work at her home I cant get on the blogs much only when I'm home to see poor old never complaining hubby. He really is a dear just dont anybody tell him I said that .
 I hope to be back blogging in May .
Hugs to ALL my blog friends believe me I'm missing everybody and everything :-(


Jo in TAS said...

I was wondering where you are!
Lovely that you can help her out.

Roseanne said...

Well we will be waiting for May. Hope you will have lot of finishes to show us all.

Anonymous said...

You are a great friend to have, enjoy the AWL ;-)

Vickie said...

good to see you pop in for a minute--glad to hear all is well..take care not too burn yourself out please......now without you at home I expect that dear R will have the house all shining like brand new upon your return,cheers Vickie

Allie said...

You are a WONDERFUL friend, Bell. I'm praying for all of you! May can't come soon enough!

Laurie said...

Good to hear from you, glad you are well was worried.... but how great to help someone else...what a great feeling that gives one inside. take care hear from you again soon
Laurie x