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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Any one have this Problem

You take home your mag only to find the article your looking for from the cover page is just not there.There is no mention of Helen (Stubbings) in here at all. I have been over the whole thing with a fine tooth comb :_( Sorry about the glare on the pics


Tozz said...

write in to them and ask what is going on? Maybe they forgot to put it in...that sometimes happens with the magazines.

Helen Stubbings said...

hi Isabella, Jo just alerted me to your blog post. I dont remember submitting a project recently (well I know I havent) sometimes they re run an old project but they usually tell me that and havent done so, so I guess I'll just be happy my name is on the cover!!!! who knows who they have mistaken me for? Helen

Sarah said...

Oh what a bugga! Very misleading, expecially if you bought the mag for the artical!
x Sarah

Anonymous said...