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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sewing Group Name ??? Giveaway

Hi Girls,
As many of you know from my OLD blog I belong to a wee group of six ladies who meet together at one of our homes to sew, we are thinking we should have a name for our group and would like to ask all of you ladies for name ideas.We will make Tuesday the 21st our closing date.
We will have a homemade sewing giveaway for the person who comes up with the name the girls choose.
Have a great day/week


Jo in Tas said...

HHmmmm, have to think about that one, I'll get back to you!

Sarah said...

I will have a think, and see what I come up with
x sarah

chook said...

what about the Burnie Babes
or Burnie stitching Babes
just an idea
I hope you group gets a name
hugs Beth

Janellybelly said...

Hi Isabella
My stitching group was called 'Piecemakers' (& our supporting verse came from Proverbs 31:22a 'She makes coverings for her bed'). What about 'Stitching Therapy' or 'So love to Sew'.
Janelle xx

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is "Material Girls". I belong to a mini-group of six also and we meet on Thursdays, thus our name is "Thursday Quilters" which wasn't to be our official name but it stuck and we never changed it.

wonderwoman said...

hi, just dropped by to say welcome to blogland - not been here long myself!!
a group name, hey, what about 'stitching sisters'!


Julie said...

I belonged to a group called "Points and Curves" here in the States and I am the one who came up with that name. You could use that one.

Julie said...

Giggle, I like Julie's suggestion, Points and Curves" another variation could be "Lumps and Bumps" or " Daggy Bits" , it all depends on how good you all are I guess. I'm on a roll, "The Sewing Six", "The Stitchin Six", Ladies of Leisure" OK I'll stop now.

Robyn said...

Hi Isabella...nice to meet you.
I'm Robyn from Sydney...poor me...lol
I'm a country girl living life in the city for 22yrs now...although we have a family farm near Bathurst, so the best of both worlds maybe :c)

About your group name...
Where do you meet? Any other hints for name that would suit you all?

My 2 groups are these:
Do Sew Quilters and Friendship Quilters...one is online and one is not!!

Your work is lovely!!

Deb said...

Hi Isabella, Our group of ladies are the Material Chix, you could call yourselves the "Six Sewing chooks!!"
Whats about Izzy's busy beauties"

Cybele's patch said...

What do you think of Threadles? Contr. for threat and needles.(Hope it is not an indecent word :-) )

studio10 said...

Hi Isabella, sorry to hear you problems with your blog. I am yet to start mine...hope to over the Christmas break.
You and your friends sound like a happy group who love to meet each week, so my suggestion for your name is;

"The Sew-Happy Girls"

Kind Regards, Judith NSW

Isabella said...

Well the name has been chosen so if Judith from Studio 10 could contact me we make arrangments to get your gift out to you.
Thankyou to all the lady's who posted in names

Anonymous said...

You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…