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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just got home

WE, Rosie, Debbie (non blogger) and I have arrived home after 4 days in Hobart had a great time , sorry no pics as yet
We all spent a lovely afternoon Sunday at the lovely Jo's for an afternoon of stitching only problem was I did not even get my stitching out my bag we were too busy talking and drinking lovely coffee made by Jo then I went into the back yard and pinched a tomato gosh it was lovely so nice I came back to Burnie with a bag of them and had tomatoes on toast for tea tonight. Thanks again Jo for a lovely catch up afternoon.


Chookyblue...... said...

oh sounds like a nice time away...........lovely to get some time with Jo.......

Pauline said...

nice one bell...jo is really nice isnt she..? glad you had a nice time

Allie said...

Now that sounds like a lovely visit - tomatoes on toast? I sprinkle mine with sugar. *G*

Jo in TAS said...

Next time we'll stitch! So lovely to see you all :-)
PS Tomatoes are all gone now, the vegie patch is bare.