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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another block for my "Family Values/Tender Moments Quilt

I hope Rose the designer of "Threadbare Creations" approves of what I have done with two of her patterns "Family Values & Tender Moments" I need to make what was the Family Values quilt quite a lot bigger king size en fact so am using the Tender Moments blocks to achieve this, I like my quilts big so that they hang over the sides almost to the floor, Family Values sits really well on top of a queen sized bed so the rest I am doing are really for the overhang so I'll put them on the quilt on their sides so it looks right and you can see the pics and words.


Catherine said...

Lovely Stitching!! I know what you mean about hanging over the sides, nothing worse than fighting for the blankets all night! Im sure it will look lovely on your new bed!! Cathyx

Allie said...

What lovely stitching you do! I love that block. I think combining these will be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great stitching, great combination, go girl.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Beautiful stitching Bell.

Christine said...

Lovely block ... look forward to seeing your BIG quilt.