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I am a Christian,married to my very best friend, Mother of three,Grandmother and great grandmother, who is owned by Bobby my Silky Terrier.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Funeral and also for Debs

Hi Deb, can I please pretty please have an invite into your blog ? blogger wont let me in :)
 I have lost All my contacts as my darling Bobby (dog) knocked down the laptop with the plug still plugged in and of course we all know how it landed straight on the plug sending it straight into the hard drive = one dead laptop( we had the funeral last week), so I'm now at the stage of grabbing what I can and from whom I can all my fav sites from their sites DOGS WHO WOULD HAVE THEM ?  ME ME ME

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HELP Smell

Hi girls.can anyone give me any suggestion's as to how to rid the house we have just bought of cig smoke? the carpet is too good to just rip up also it's All through the house so would cost quite a bit to replace , the house has been empty for 12 months while the owner was in hospital then moved to be with her daughter and put the house on the market.
As some of you know I'm moving for health reasons myself so I'm not looking forward to the move ! now this smell is making the move all the harder for me. Didn't know cigarettes could smell SOOOOOOOOOOO bad.  I did /do smoke under stress I keep going back to the rotten things but if I do have one it's outside and not right next to other people.
ANY help would be great we will be having the carpet cleaned

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving form country to town

Hi girls, Sorry I have not posted for quite some time I just lost my MOJO for no apparent reason , now we have just sold our house and are moving into town, not because we want to however health reasons say it's what we must do.
So now I'm hoping that the change will help me get my life back in order and  get my MOJO back where it should be.
So I'm thinking I now need to change my blog name yet again since I wont be in my country cottage after the 4th of next month.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just pics

Just a couple of pages I have done this week, one is my granddaughters leavers dinner, two male birthday cards and last years Christmas page for my granddaughters album.
One of these days my sewing mojo has to come back.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Latest edition

This is a page I did of my Granddaughter and her boyfriend Gerry at a wedding on Devonport beach in February , I did not want to put too much on the page and take away from the actual picture of them , The paper matches her dress and the label at the top matches his shirt.